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Physical Description:

An alien from a forgotten time, Tranagra no longer has a physical body to speak of. His spirit does however maintain his appearance. Pushing 7 feet tall, he towers over most humans. His long reptilian face is nose-less, the scales separate making an opening for his mouth. Like most of his race, he is hairless, but has tentacle-like features coming off his face where humans might have hair, most notably three large ones from the back of his head and the two coming off the corners of his chin.

He wears his customary golden armor from his time fighting in the military.


Raised as a Mordra, Tranagra was a gifted intellectual from a young age. Like most young Mordra, he was taken to the “temple” where the temple precogs evaluated young Mordra to see their worth in society. Usually these readings are pretty general such as “This child will do great good for our people” or “This child will cause much trouble on his path to enlightenment.” In Tranagra’s case, the Grand Cleric was compelled to be in the general area at that time. Seeing the greatness in the child among the crowd, he called for a special audience with Tranagra and his parents. In private quarters, the Grand Cleric provided this messages. “The coming of the plague is upon us. You will be the only thing that keeps our people from total annihilation. Fear not when your path feels like it’s come to an end, for the way will come clear to you. This path will lead you to the Run’hura, the savor of all and the one that will lead our people from the shadows. Guide him well down his path, for if he fails, so do we all.” And then he was dismissed. Other’s in the church tried to protest and keep the young Mordra back, hoping that they might find a way to prevent their upcoming doom, but the Grand Cleric forbade it, stating it was not their place to interfere with his path.


Tranagra was met with much distrust in his society, his very existence meant the Mordra’s end was near. Because of such animosity, and the intrigue of the president himself, Tranagra and his family were brought to live in the palace. Growing up, Tranagra feel in love with the president’s daughter before joining the military. He lived a long life, and eventually worked his way up to commanding his own star ship. During the war with the Cenari, Tranagra led many missions against the Cenari, many of them successful, but his greatest blow came at the last stand, where he took an experimental ship, against orders, and used it to distract the Cenari fleet, giving his people enough time to activate their final plan to stop the Cenari for good. Without the resources to get him, his ship was stranded lifeless in the great belt.

Feeling the cold embrace of death starting to draw near, Tranagra was confused as to how his fate could come to an end, especially with the tail from the Great Cleric about his future. It was then that he remembered the part about his end. He had remembered an argument he had heard between the president and one of the religious leaders about attempting to release the people’s spirits into beings of pure energy. Not seeing any other way, he used his dieing breath to try and complete the process.


He waited for countless years for the day that someone would come along searching for him, whose essence he would be able to merge with his own and become the Run’hura.


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