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What is Chronicles?

Cosmic Endeavor is a science fiction story that takes place about 350 years after the discovery of faster than light travel, where mankind is starting to take his place among the stars. The governments of Earth have joined together to form three galactic entities, each claiming their own section of space.

The main story arc follows the young couple Race Allard and Illandra Page as they graduate from high school and apply to the United Galactic Republic. Due to their unique gifts, they are forced into positions where they are often working together, and sometimes against each other. Race takes the career of a United Republic Space Marine, where he joins a special ops team that also specialise in research and development. Illandra pursues a job in the field of politics and is asked to be a personal assistant to one of the most powerful representatives in the United Republic.

When a mysterious war breaks out between two of the galactic forces, the couple have to scour the known galaxy to discover the source of the breakout and its resolution.

What makes Cosmic Endeavor different than just a normal story is that it encourages the community to get involved in the story process. The community is encouraged to help add to the story as it goes along. They do this by creating their own chapters and adding them to the Cosmic Endeavor lore. Community submissions can use characters from the main story arc, or they can make up their own with unique characters that live in the Cosmic Endeavor universe.

The Cosmic Endeavor site even has a section for digital art submissions inspired by the community story. For those that feel they have a cool idea to share but don't believe they have the skills to pull it off, there's a suggestion box where they can share their ideas for writers that might be struggling to come up with their next idea.

What comes with signing up for an account?

Do I need an account just to read the stories and art?

Not at all! You can read any and every story published on the site. We didn't want people to feel forced to have to sign up, that's why we even incorporated the comments section with Facebook, so you could give your opinion without having to create an account..

Is there an advantage to creating an account if I don't plan on contributing?

Just a small one. The only thing that you'll get with an account is the ability to turn off the censorship flag. You'll also be able to read some works in progress by following some of your authors, but that's about it.

Do I have to create an account on your site if I want to contribute?

Yes. We need this to be able to give you credit for your work, among other things. We won't use any information you provide us for solicitation, we promise.

Is there anything else I need an account for?

You'll need an account if you want to provide suggestions through the site, but we'll also be probing our Facebook page for input as well, so if you don't feel that you want to sign up, you can skip the sign up and give your input there.

I'm ready to contribute!

Do I need an account just to read the stories and art?

Not at all! You can read any and every story published on the site. We didn't want people to feel forced to have to sign up, that's why we even incorporated the comments section with Facebook, so you could give your opinion without having to create an account.

How to use the editor

The provided text editor is a generic editor that can be used like most word processors for you to fully write your contributions. Alternatively, you may use your own word processor, like Microsoft Word, too write your contributions and then copy and paste them when you are ready to submit it (I personally use Google Drive .)

Working with the censorship restrictions

Because of our viewers that might be minors, all content is scanned for obscene languages and censored appropriately. We do understand that this can be very difficult for a writer and change the entire meaning of a phrase. To assist with this, we've added a couple modifications to the censorship utility to help you.

  1. Custom sensor tag - If you do not like the default censorship replacement, you can provide your own replacement. You can replace just a word, or an entire phrase. Do do this, use the following syntax: [censor=new word or phrase] old word or phrase [/censor]. Guests or users with their filter on* will see the new phrase, users with the filter off will see the old phrase. 
  2. If you have an entire section that might not be appropriate for some people, we ask you wrap it with a plan censor tag, ie [censor]race scene[/censor] This will remove the scene all together for guests or users with the filter turned on.*

*filter is locked in the on position for people who do not supply a birthday in their profile or supply a birthday that puts them under 16 years of age.

What are the different Lore Levels for content

The different Lore Levels determines how your story fits in with the rest of the content. There are currently 3 different levels of lore with in the site.

  • Lore - This is actually stuff which happens within the Chronicles: CE story line. Generally, we try and accept as much content that we can, however if you submit something that conflicts with the current lore, or planned lore in the main story arc. Author's will usually be notified of any conflict and be given the option to edit their story to conforms to the lore before hand.
  • Probable - These are stories that conflict with the already accepted lore, like one of the characters were unavailable or an event happened that prevented it from happening. A good scenario to image here would be a "What if?" circumstance. If you're story references anything that happened in something else that was in the Probable category, your story will automatically be in this category, also.
  • Inspired - This category deals with categories that are just too impossible to acknowledge within the Chronicles:CE universe. A good example of this would be something like a cross-over event with another series. As much as we'd love to see a TARDIS land on one of our ships, or maybe have one of our characters do some soul searching with Yoda, the copy write on this material isn't owned by us, so we can't acknowledge it as part of our story, unless you're able to get permission from the copy right holder.


What are the different visibility levels?

The visibility refers to who can see and edit your work both.

Before your material has been submitted for acceptance, the privacy will affect you can see your draft.

  • Private - Only you can see it. Suggested for first draft.
  • Shared - Only other site members you've accepted a friends invite from or have granted editor rights to can see your work. Editor's can also suggest edits to your work which you will have to approve. Recommended for when you are about to submit you work and want your friends to review it.
  • Public - Anyone can see your work, only people who have registered with the site and logged in can suggest edits.

Once your work has been submitted and approved by a Lore Admin, your work will be visible to everyone, regardless of the visibility setting, but the setting will still effect the editor settings.

How do the dates work?

Dates are kind of unique in the Chronicles: CE universe. Because of the impact of space travel and planets with different orbits, we've come up with a new format for dates, which looks something like 123.4567 PGST.

The first set denotes the earth year starting from the first successful test flight of the dimensional drive engine, or Post Galactic Space Travel (PGST.) The second section of a PGST date defines the percentage of a planet's orbit starting from it's winter solstice.

So using the date 123.4567 PGST, we'd say that it was currently 123 earth years after the first sign of space travel, and the nearest habital planet is 45.67% of it's solar orbit, or almost half way.

For simplicity, most records are kept using the PGST of Earth, which marks one day as approximately .0027. 

What are the sagas?

If you were to think as each of the short stories as chapters, then the sagas would be the books that bundle them together. Right now, there is only one saga, but if you have a great idea for your own saga, contact us through our Facebook page and we'll see about setting one up for you.

I'm not much of a writer, what other ways can I contribute?

What if I just have a really cool idea I want to share?

We do have a suggestions section for people to share story ideas, basic character ideas or even suggestions to expanding the Chronicles site. If you have something you want to share, this is the place to do it.

I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I still want to help. What can I do?

Don't worry, we understand. Part of the excitement of a project like this is being able to be a part of it, and we want to share that excitement with as many people as possible.

If you think you have some particular skills that you want to volunteer to the Chronicles:CE project, please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page and we'll be happy to see what we can arrange.

I'm not much of a writer, but I can draw or make graphics like a pro.

Because the are many different type of artist, we've added a gallery section for those that are into more of the visual arts. To upload an image you've created based on the Chronicles:CE world, you must create account and log in.  Under the gallery section, you'll find a place where you can upload your image.  Once your image is uploaded, we'll review to make sure it fits in with the Chronicles: CE universe and add it to the site.

You can also link your image to the characters or items in the reference section and it will appear on those pages when called up. Please make sure the height and width of your images are under 800 pixels or it will be shrunk, down possibly losing some of your image's quality.

In the near future, the gallery will be expanded to include links to youtube videos.