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Cosmic Endeavor is a book series build around a futuristic science fiction universe originally created by Richard Ross. This site is resource for fans which includes a wiki, digital art, and even works in progress that have yet to be published.

Fans are encouraged to like, comment, and share their own works inspired by the Cosmic Endeavor universe.

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  • Race Allard

    Upon completing high school, Race took the citizenship entry exam required for all United Galactic Republic citizens. Sensors picked up on Races unique abilities which granted him a rare Green citizenship cards reserved for “gifted” individuals.

    Enacting special privileges, the government forced him into the United Republic Armed Forces in hopes of making special use of his abilities. Once Race completed boot camp, he was given the rare opportunity to work with a special operations research and development group, SORD (pronounced Sword.) Such an assignment isn't very common for someone fresh out of boot camp, but the kind of treatment expected for a Green card holder.

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  • Illandra Page

    Illandra has been born into a family with many political ties. Both her mother and father have held government positions, her father being the more successful of the two holding a seat on the United Senate for a short time. It was no surprise that Illandra would follow in their footsteps, but that it would be solidified by her acquisition of a Green Citizenship card was a complete shock. Her parent’s jobs required them to travel a lot, so Illandra was forced to either travel also or stay at the home estate, either by herself or supervised by housing staff.

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  • Tranagra

    An alien soldier from a forgotten war, Tranagra no longer has a physical body to speak of. His spirit now resides in the dormant parts of Race's mind, allowing Race to access the knowledge of the ancient alien race. Tranagra can even manifest a mental image of himself when he needs to take part of a conversation. Only strong psychic telepaths like Illandra can see his spirit, or those the telepath assist.

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By Richard Ross 4 years ago


Cost of Sacrifice

Dates: 352.491 - 352.494 PGST
By Richard Ross written 3 years ago

After a heavy battle for the Euro-Alliance's capital planet. Race receives an unexpected visitor that may throw off his plans to finish the Cenari.

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