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Race Allard
Birthday: 329.92 PGST
Title: Chief
Organization: URMC
Physical Description:

Race is on the taller side of average, standing a little under 2 meters (about 6 feet). He has light brown hair and grayish-blue eyes.

Before joining the Space Marines, Race usually kept his hair about shoulder length. After joining, regulations required him to maintain the classic marine buzz cut. Race usually tried to push the borders of this, letting his hair grow as much as possible before needing to trim, especially the hair on the top of his head.

Race isn't much for style, usually sticking to whatever feels comfortable and doesn't look bad or make him stick out. When on duty, he wears his standard active-camouflaged, which when activated for combat changed color patterns to match his surroundings making him harder to detect.


Much of Race’s life before the military is pretty boring.  He often felt himself different from others, and because of this, often found it hard for him to fit in. Race only had a few childhood friends, often preferring good quality friends over large numbers, like his best friend Reg.  Reg and Race had always been good friends, and often competed against each other for academic supremacy, even though they both held the utmost respect for each other.  Race’s high school sweetheart, Illandra, actually sought him out, probably sensing his unique gift, and helped Race relate to the rest of the world, and to himself.

Race doesn’t talk about his family much, not wanting to concentrate too much on his past.  His mother moved to the plant he grew up on when he was real young, trying to make a better life for them.  Because she is usually doing her best to provide for Race, they don’t get to spend much time together.

Upon completing high school, Race took the citizenship entry exam required for all United Galactic Republic citizens.  Sensors picked up on Races unique abilities which granted him a rare Green citizenship cards reserved for “gifted” individuals. Enacting special privileges, the government forced him into the United Republic Armed Forces in hopes of making special use of his abilities. Once Race completed boot camp, he was given the rare opportunity to work with a special operations research and development group, SORD (pronounced Sword.) Such an assignment isn't very common for someone fresh out of boot camp, but the kind of treatment expected for a Green card holder.


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