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Illandra Page
Birthday: 329.68 PGST
Title: Congressional Assistant
Organization: UGR
Physical Description:

Illandra is a bit shorter then her peers, only standing about 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) She has dark brown eyes and her hair color tends to be dyed in random natural hair colors depending upon her whim, but most commonly a jet black color.

Illandra finds herself very trendy and spends lots of time working on her style, usually dressed up in something reserved enough not to attract the wrong attention, yet still flashy enough to gain the notice of anyone in the room.


Illandra has been born into a family with many political ties.  Both her mother and father have held government positions, her father being the more successful of the two holding a seat on the United Senate for a short time.  It was no surprise that Illandra would follow in their footsteps, but that it would be solidified by her acquisition of a Green Citizenship card was a complete shock.  Her parent’s jobs required them to travel a lot, so Illandra was forced to either travel also or stay at the home estate, either by herself or supervised by housing staff. 

Illandra’s personality made her very popular, and she enjoyed being the center of attention.  However, it was hard for her to find a stable group to “fit in” with, as she was constantly attracted by different personalities that caused her to jump around a lot. Quite often, she was the linking entity between different groups.  She had many friends, but not many romantic interest until the day she met Race.  From right away, she could sense an unusual difference in him, and his uncanny sense to be overly prepared for most circumstances intrigued her.  His simplistic and innocent view of the world/universe also caught her by surprise, and she was naturally attracted to it compared to some of the harsh realities her parent’s professions had exposed her to.

After completing her high school, Illandra took the entrance exam like every other student to gain citizenship into the Galactic Government.  Her pathic abilities earned her a green citizenship card and a jump start on her political career, and her friendship with her mentor, Anthony Martin, got her attached to his diplomatic team.


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