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Happy Halloween

Mon, Oct 31, 2016 5:58 PM

What a great time of year! I know many of you are decorating and dressing up for the holiday and I hope everyone has a really great time. I’m sure there will be lots of parties and candy and many things to enjoy this time of year for everyone.

When working on the Chronicles:CE storyline, I tend to think of how my characters might participate in the different holidays. So, the past couple days, I’ve been considering what our characters might dress up as for the holiday. Here’s my guess:

  • Race – While Race is not one to celebrate holidays, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to feel left out. I can see him dressing up as one of his heroes, one that he closely wishes he could emulate. I could see him dressing up like an equivalent of Captain America for his time.
  • Illandra – Illandra loves to be the center of attention and Halloween is no difference. She’d probably be the one hosting the party, and thus, wearing the most elaborate costume. She would probably pick something classic, like a tasteful vampire that still got some appeal to it. I could see her doing an Elvira look to be the hostess of the party.
  • Annette – This is a tough one. She’s a developing character in the story that hasn’t quite pinned down what she is. She if very strong willed, but also the caretaker of the group. She’s not entirely confident with her physical appearance, so I’d doubt she’s wear anything compromising unless Zain and Konway attempted to push her into it. At the end of the day, I’m sure she’d pick something that she could just throw together with little effort and was overall comfortable, probably borrow a medical uniform to be a field nurse or something.
  • Zain – I’m sure Zain loves to be the center of attention as much as Illandra. I’m sure that whatever he picks won’t make much sense at first and will have people dying of laughter. I once had a teacher that got a bunch of small cereal boxes and glued them to a costume with knives on it and called themselves a cereal killer. I imagine Zain would do something very similar to that.
  • Konway – Old man of the team, Konway would most likely try and get everyone to do a common theme. If he wasn’t able to do a theme with his team, he’d probably do one with his family. I imagine with all the years of doing it, I’m sure he’s got something classic like Darth Vader he could pull out of his closet to wear to a party.
  • Tso – Tso would refuse to dress up. I doubt he’d see any point of the holiday at all. Tso would most likely be the guy sitting in the corner cursing everyone for wasting time while they could be training or hunting down Cenari.

What do you guys think?

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