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Sat, Mar 1, 2014 3:29 AM

Welcome to the official launch of the Chronicles: A Cosmic Endeavor!

Chronicles: A Cosmic Endeavor is a science fiction story that takes place about 350 years after the discovery of faster than light travel, where mankind is starting to take his place among the stars. The governments of Earth have joined together to form three galactic entities, each claiming their own section of space.

With our launch, we have five chapters of the Chronicles:CE for you to enjoy. Our goal is to supply you with at least one chapter every month from the main story arc. We know that this might seem a little light, but we assure you that this is only the beginning, and we'll make sure that there is a steady stream of other content coming you way, like digital art, alternate scenes and site updates. 

What makes Chronicles: CE different than just a normal story is that it encourages the community to get involved in the story process. The community is encouraged to help add to the story as it goes along. They do this by creating their own chapters and adding them to the Chronicles: CE lore. Community submissions can use characters from the main story arc, or they can make up their own with unique characters that live in the Chronicles: CE universe.

We hope you enjoy the story and we look forward to the most epic of journeys as we endeavor into the cosmos.


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