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United Galactic Republic
Alias: UGR
Founded: 23.421 PGST

The UGR is a collaboration of several democratic nations prior formed shortly after the discovery of faster then light travel. The dominant organization that controlled most of the development of the UGR was the United States, even down to the influence of the "United" in the name.

The UGR has expanded to include over 20 planets, about half of which were terraformed and colonized in the centuries of expansion.

To gain citizenship into the UGR and gain the right to vote and own property, it requires individuals to take a series of assessment test to gauge the applicants skill levels. This test is usually taken in conjunction with the school systems final exams. Citizens are given a citizenship card colored to reflects the test scores. Very few citizens are denied acceptance into the UGR, making this process more customary then mandatory.


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