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Citizenship Cards

A Citizenship Card is issued to all applicants, which is color coded depending on the results of their assessment scores. At about the same time, applicants are also given a list of possible jobs that align to their skills and interest determined by the test. Citizens are not required to accept the listed jobs, however, bonuses are usually given to people that accept jobs closely matched to their results. This includes educational bonuses, standard of living allowances and on rare occasions, monetary bonuses.

The card colors are:

  • Purple - very low scores. Usually not given any bonuses.
  • Orange - lower then average scores. Not usually given any bonuses
  • Yellow - average score. Sometimes receive small educational bonuses for accepting highly matched professions.
  • Blue - above average scores. Usually receives educational bonuses, and sometimes standard of living allowances
  • Red - high scoring individuals - Almost always receives a wide array of bonuses, Monetary bonuses only given for highest matchs.
  • Green - Unknown qualifications - The secret of the green card has been closely guarded for decades. Very few even know what the qualifications are, just that they are highly revered, and the individuals usually go to be quiet successful.

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