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Annette Keegan
Title: Sergeant
Organization: URMC
Physical Description:

Annette is still a young lady in early to mid 20s. She is of average height for a woman, about 5’8”, and in very good shape (runner’s body.) Her fiery red hair is usually in a ponytail or bun as marine regulations forbid female hair to extend past the collar while in uniform, but can be quite beautiful when set free.


Losing her mother at an early age, Annette was forced to travel a lot with her father because of his job. Not having a lot of long term friendships, she spent a large part of her time helping her father build and test space ships. Without a womanly influence in her life, she found it harder to get along with the girl gangs and she naturally developed into a tomboy by her constant acquaintance with them.

With a strong background already in place, Annette excelled quickly in her unit, and quickly become recognized as one of the top pilots, being able to outperform several officers, who often liked to test their abilities against her in non-sanctioned dog fights. Her reputations quickly grew, and when a spot became available for a ship and vehicle specialist at a special SORD unit, she was the first to be offered the position. Such a rare opportunity for a young marine, she naturally accepted where she met Zain and Konway She has worked on a few different projects since arriving, and her current project involves a small lightweight propulsion unit meant for ship to ship reconnaissance.

About a year after she arrived, the last marine retired from the unit making room for Race to step in. Annette was intrigued by the young marine and quickly found herself taken by his unusual ways. Annette had spent a lot of time around boys, but for the first time she found herself unsure of how to act because she secretly admired him. As the unit started to naturally bond through their countless adventures, her feelings for Race grew, even though it was hard for Race to look at her as anything besides one of the guys.


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