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Zain Amyas
Title: Staff Sergeant
Organization: URMC
Physical Description:

The most physically fit member of the group, Zain is a walking mass of muscles. He spends a good portion of his free time in the gym working to define his physic. He can be very intimidating to people as he towers over most people in both height and bulk.

Clean shaven like most marines, his blond hair is usually parted to each side, attempting to keep it as long as regulations allow.


Unlike most people in his position, Zain picked his career. Obtaining a valuable red card from his entrance exam, Zain had the opportunity for several promising job positions, both in the government and the civil quadrant. Instead, he choose to enlist in the military as a combat engineer, seeing it as something that would be much less demanding and stressful compared to an office job, and something he would enjoy (blowing stuff up.) Being a gifted individual, he quickly rose to the top of his class, and his unit later on. Enjoying his job, he’s re-enlisted twice and will probably make a career out of it.

Shortly after his second enlistment, Zain was offered his position with the SORD unit. Unlike most of the SORD marine staff, Zain isn’t really an expert at any field vital to the development of any new technology. Instead, he’s the one expert marine designed to make sure the mission succeeds. Because of this, Zain is usually held responsible in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

Zain doesn’t give much thought about tomorrow, but tries to focus more on living for the moment, or just surviving it. Somewhat miscreant in nature, Zain is well known for getting his friends into as much trouble off duty as he is for getting them out of trouble while on assignment. This is mostly a form of entertainment for him when he may find himself bored or thirsting for some excitement. On other occasions, it may just be from a need to release stress. He is overly confident (and probably rightfully so) feeling his abilities will serve him well in the event a situation becomes explosive.

Zain cares a great deal about his friends, but his joking personality will rarely let it show, only dropping his guard on rare occasions when he’s sure it’s completely necessary. He sees his unit as his family, clearly demonstrated by his constant teasing of Annette and Race as if they were younger siblings. When danger presides, Zain becomes the complete opposite of his normal self, becoming centered and focused at the mission at hand. However, once the mission is complete, he will revert back to his normal self and probably attempt to make up for the lost time.


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