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Konway Reece
Title: Staff Sergeant
Organization: URMC
Physical Description:

While his assignment to the SORD tactical unit requires him to keep fit, Konway is more brains then brawn. This doesn't mean that he isn't fit as he is more then capable of keeping up with his friends, just that he hasn't attempted to over develop any of it.

Konway's long distinguished career has molded him into the perfect marine, keeping all his appearance well with in regulations, including the short length of his sandy brown hair and clean shaven face.


The senior member of the team, Konway comes from a long line of marines, one of every generation serving almost since the creation of Republic Marine Corps, so it was no surprise when Konway accepted his commission into the URMC. It’s also altogether possible that his family ties pulled some strings to get him his current position on the SORD development team. This isn’t to say that he shouldn’t be there, just that there were probably several different people considered for the position.

Married to the daughter of a Space Forces General, Konway and his wife spend most of their times on separate planets. Konway’s wife is an operations chief for the terraforming division of the United Galactic Republic. Together, they have a set of twin boys who remain with their mother as Konway may be deployed at a moments notice. The two keep their relationship alive through the use of holographic video calls and make an effort to meet up when they can arrange it.

Looking forward to his upcoming retirement, Konway tries not to play too big a role in the teams activities, letting some of the others gain the needed experience so that things don’t completely fall apart when he leaves. He does still consider the members of his team as close to him as his real family, so he’s not above stepping in to show someone a better way to do something or help them out if he sees them struggling.


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