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Organization: UGR
Physical Description:

Being an engineered clone, Rikki has the best body that money can buy. Even her organs are high end good, with lungs that can breath underwater or low levels of oxygen. Rikki is obsessed with the color pink, dying her hair to match her wardrobe. Even pink irises in her eyes.


Rikki-t is the latest clone of 20th century musician.  The past couple of clone cycles, she's managed to barely scrape by, barely getting the chance to have her immortality renewed. This time, Rikki's slacked off too much, and she knows it. With her cycle's trial quickly approaching, Rikki sees her immortality quickly coming to an end.

That is, until the day of a government ceremony that Rikki has volunteered to perform for. Originally there in hopes of gaining some powerful influence for her upcoming trial, she comes to face with her jackpot. When Race shows up and defuses a hostile situation, Rikki-T sees the opportunity she's been waiting for. She quickly hatches a plan to attach herself to Race, seemingly guaranteeing success at her trial.


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