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Organization: URMC
Physical Description:

While Bella does not have a physical form, she can use a nearby hologram to project her appearance to her friends. Being a digital assistant to Race, she has adopted a professional secretary look that she's compiled from many professional business and fashion periodicals. She can even map her image over one of her Bella-bots.


Bella is an Artificial Intelligence developed by Race Allard. Finding it disruptive to try and hack security terminals while being shot, Race invented the A.I. to do many of those tasks so he could focus on surviving firefights.

Unlike most A.I.s, Bella does not have a dedicated hardware, as the required unit to run her programming would require something substantially sized. Instead, Bella has a core set of programming that runs on Race Allard's biosensor and uses her hacking protocols to break into any device nearby. She then uses the spare resources on any device she's connected to and adds it to her own to increase her performance to that of a normal A.I.

During the battle with the Cenari, Bella took control of several combat androids, which she has kept some of and uses to interact with others. The's androids have been dubbed 'Bella-bots' by her fellow team members.


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