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Written 5 months ago

Dates: 352.357 - 352.377 PGST
Saga: Destiny's Call

Illandra struggled to keep down her breakfast as she watched the morning news. It had been a part of Illandra’s morning routine to catch up on events over breakfast with her friend Jasmin. This particular morning’s news somehow managed to make the delicious food taste sour.

“Rikki-T continues to surprise all with her humanitarian efforts,” the newscaster announced, introducing the next segment.

The holovision cut away to show the pinked-out pop star the only sign of color on a gray, lifeless planet. The singer was accompanied by the two young children that Race had taken an affiliation with during his time on Ruston.

“When Race told me about how painfully the people of Ruston were suffering, my heart couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Especially these children. Why should anyone ever have to suffer like this? While arrangements for my next tour are being finished, I decided to come and offer some aid to these poor people.

“Race cares so much for them. He’s personally inspired me to donate one million credits, along with a portion of the proceeds of my next tour, to create a non-profit organization to aid families like these suffering in the fringes, all of which Race will be in charge of.”

Jasmin whistled her surprise. “Now that’s a gift. One million credits? Sounds like Race managed to catch a good one.”

“What’s one million to someone that has tens of billions?” Illandra tried her best to not let her contempt for Rikki seep through as she turned off the display.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jasmin caught herself. “I forgot we hate her.”

“I don’t hate her,” Illandra lied.

“Of course you do,” Jasmin said. “What’s Race doing with her when he could be with you? Surely, he has better taste in women than that.”

Illandra laughed, “You think I’m jealous?”

“It’s never easy to see your ex with someone else,” Jasmin sympathized with her friend. “Just look at Reggie and me.”

“They’re not together,” Illandra yelled. She caught herself and took a deep breath to calm down. “Race has someone in his life… kind of, and they’re a great couple. I’m very happy for them, but it’s not that pink harpy.”

“You mean that redhead he’s always with?” Jasmin followed Illandra into the consulate office they’d been using since they landed on Alpha Prime. “Rikki says they’re just good friends, and she gets along great with her.”

“You know what, Jazz? I just can’t have this discussion with you,” Illandra put the brakes on the conversation. “What’s on the schedule for today?”

Jasmin hit a button on the side of the desk to bring up the display linked to her personal pad. “Meetings, meetings, meetings,” Jasmin said.

Illandra rolled her eyes. They’d been on Alpha Prime for weeks and not made much progress. “Are any of these meetings with the Parliament?”

“Your two o’clock with Anthony’s connection is about your petition to meet with the Parliament,” Jasmin confirmed.

“Well, that’s at least a step in the right direction,” Illandra brought up some of the notes on her desk to review before leaving.

She hadn’t made it far when the blond assistant entered the office. “Fifteen minutes until departure, ladies,” she informed them.

Illandra put on the jacket for her suit and followed her out the door. “Thank you, Kaylee. What would we do without you?”

“Be late,” the blond rushed them.

They met Conner in the garage, waiting near their vehicle with a couple of security guards. “Right on time, just like always,” he said, getting the door to the limo for them. Illandra and her team funneled through the door, Conner entered behind them. “Big day today?”

“More like a prelude to a big day,” Jasmin said. “Having our petitions heard to meet with Parliament.”

“When are we going to go out and do some sightseeing?” Illandra asked. Since they’d landed on the planet, Illandra and her friends had been so tied up with their duties, they hadn’t been able to take up any of the local attractions. Illandra yearned to see the golden spires of the Euro Alliance capital up close. Something about them seemed peculiarly familiar to her. “It seems like such a waste to come so far and not take in some of the sites. Did you know that five of the largest pre-galactic museums are here?”

“The reconstruction of the classic Lourve is really the only one worth seeing,” Connor informed them.

“I forgot you were from here,” Jasmin noted.

“Many of us take the Republic entrance exam, just to have that option open. Very few of us accept it, though,” Connor told them. “Mostly, just those of us that are lucky enough to get green level like Ambassador Martin or myself, maybe a few red cards with promising career options.”

“I put in a request to get some extra security for a tour,” Kaylee returned to Illandra’s question. “We should be able to put something together next week.”

“Do we really need security?” Illandra questioned. “I think the biggest danger we’ve faced since we got here has been the cold season.”

“I’d rather have it then not need it, than need it and not have,” Kaylee argued. “Besides, it’s cheaper than a tour guide.”

Conner suddenly jumped from his seat, alarming everyone. He landed in the seat next to Illandra, looking out the back window.

Illandra pushed his jacket out of her face. “Everything alright?”

“I swear I just saw the oddest thing,” he replied, sitting back down in his seat. He looked at the women around him, noticing their concern. “Sorry if I startled you. I’m sure it was just my imagination.”

“What did you see?” Jasmine asked.

“A tall man on the street,” he explained, “just for a second, I thought he had blue skin. It must have just been the light.”

The other girls laughed as they looked back to try and see the blue man. Illandra didn’t find it amusing at all, she had a friend with blue skin. She wished Conner’s mind wasn’t so closed off to her, so she could get a better look at what he thought he saw. Something was about to dawn on her, but before she could complete her thought, the vehicle transporting them lurched violently to the side, flinging the passengers around in their seats.

“What the hell?” Jasmine asked, bracing herself.

Another small explosion answered her question, shaking them once more.

Kaylee flung the top of her uniform and threw it at Illandra. “Give me your jacket and put that on,” she ordered.

Illandra hadn’t a single clue what to do in this situation, so she did as Kaylee ordered. She stripped off the top of her suit and quickly switched it for the one that Kaylee had given her. Without their jackets, Illandra and Kaylee’s uniforms were practically identical.

As Illandra finished donning Kaylee’s uniform, the blond pulled out a pair of small devices from her handbag. Kaylee put one of the devices near her neck and tapped a button at the top. Two rods shot out the side and curled up behind Kaylee’s neck where they connected.  Kaylee flicked her hair over the device. As her hair fell, it changed from its bright sunny color to the blackest night. Illandra found herself looking into a mirror.

The chaos outside the vehicle made it hard for them to enjoy the marvel of the technology. Kaylee took the other device and put it to Illandra’s neck, reproducing the necklace around Illandra’s head.

“It’s a holo-disguise,” Kaylee explained, slipping Illandra’s uniform on. “Stay put. Shut up. Don’t touch it.”

Illandra checked her reflection in the window, stunned at her first time being a blond. She couldn’t keep herself from thinking it may be time to play with a new hair color. Illandra’s attention was broken as a grinding sound came from the passenger door. There were some more unusual noises before a click, and the door opened.

Kaylee jumped up and put herself between the armed guards and the remaining passengers. “My name is Senator Illandra Page, and I’m the one you’re after,” Kaylee said. Illandra wanted to educate her on how to properly sounds like her but was too scared to move. “I agree to come with you peacefully if you promise not to hurt anyone else.”

The scruffy man scanned each of the passengers. “Agreed,” he said, waving her out with his firearm.

“You can’t…” Illandra struggled for the words.

“Kaylee!” Kaylee snapped before Illandra could say anything. “It’s my duty to take care of you, all of you. I couldn’t live with myself if I let anything happen to you.”

Illandra was about to object once more, but Jasmine put an arm around her shoulder, calming her down. “It’s okay. They wouldn’t dare hurt a Senator.”

Before Illandra could find her voice, Kaylee exited the vehicle and slammed the door behind her, engaging the security locks once again.


Like most of his temporary offices, Major Jenson had yet to decorate his command office of the URS Allard. It contained a desk and barely enough seating for the team. The walls were dull and beige, along with a schematic or two Annette had printed and framed for him. The team moved so frequently, the Major never had much opportunity to decorate.

It was customary for the SORD team to have daily meetings when they weren’t on an assignment. The Major took the opportunity to relay any messages from command, get a status of all the projects being worked on, and take any comments or concerns from his team. Most of the time, they were long enough to get attendance and status before sending troops on their way.

Before, during, or after an assignment, the meetings were extensive and mission-oriented. They included a list of tasks and objectives that needed to be complete or how they were accomplished. Illandra just happened to get stuck in one such meeting as the team continued to eliminate Cenari traps throughout the Fringes.

Illandra was about to lose her mind when Major Jenson finally dismissed the Marines to perform their duties. As the ship’s main pilot, Annette didn’t have any real pressing duties. Her only real responsibility was to make sure that they got to its destination, and the autopilot handled that effortlessly. Someone just needed to watch the helm to react to any emergencies. For the next couple hours, the copilot had that duty.

While Annette tracked down Kaylee’s abductors using her body, Illandra had some spare time. There was one activity that always helped calm her nerves, and it wasn’t often that she got to do it with a whole new body.

“Annette said you weren’t switching places anymore,” a voice halted Illandra as she attempted to flee to her room.

Illandra sighed in defeat. “Busted,” she thought to herself. She had hoped to escape before Race could corner her. He was one of the few that could see through it, Illandra felt it had something to do with the telepathic link he shared with the alien.

Illandra turned to find the young psychic standing sternly at the end of the hallway, his arms crossed as he was with her. One of his bots stood behind him. Illandra did a quick scan of the area to make sure nobody was close enough to listen in. “Annette’s helping me with something,” Illandra said.

“What?” Race called forth the info.

Illandra took a deep breath. It was weird breathing in another person’s body, even the clothes clung differently. It was like wearing a shoe that didn’t quite fit right, but all over. “I was attacked,” she admitted. “They came for me.”

Race uncrossed his arms but kept his distance, “Who came for you?”

“I don’t know. I think it might have something to do with the Sons of Cenari,” Illandra replied.

“What?” Race quickly closed the distance between them. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Illandra assured him as he pushed her into a supply closet. “Kaylee used some holographic thing to trick them, and they took her in my place.”

“Well, that’s why she was assigned to you,” Race said, closing the door behind them.

“What do you mean?” Illandra scoffed.

“Kaylee’s part of the green citizen protection program. She was picked because she’s the only person that is your height. She’s done,” Race stopped, taking a second to search his memory, “or will do that several times for you. Wait, you didn’t seriously think she was there to be your personal assistant, did you?”

“No,” Illandra scoffed, doing her best to cover her surprise. “Wait, do you have one?”

“I’m my own protection,” Race smiled boyishly.

“Fair enough,” Illandra smirked. “Wait, how do your powers recall that, but forget all about meeting your uncle and getting a lead on your father?”

“I have no clue,” Race admitted. “I think the more emotionally I react to something, the harder it is for me to recall.”

“You don’t have an emotional reaction to me being attacked and almost taken hostage?” Illandra caught him.

“I didn’t say that,” Race clarified quickly. “Was it that bad?”

“They used explosives to derail our transport.”

“Is Annette okay?  I should be helping her.”

“She’s trying to track them down so we can rescue Kaylee,” Illandra was happy to change the subject. “She gave herself to protect me, I won’t abandon her.”

“Are the police helping?”

“We gave statements, but they didn’t exactly instill confidence.” Illandra mentally recalled the several hours they had spent with the local officials. “Annette crawled through my memories and is trying to track down a lead.”

“I thought you told me you could just access her skills and do anything she could,” Race squinted suspiciously at her. 

“I can, but it’s a process. Annette has the instincts, it’s just faster if she does it,” Illandra explained. “If they find out she’s not me, they’ll kill Kaylee. Time is of the essence.”

Race nodded in agreement. “Most likely,” he conceded. They had argued the point before, and now Illandra was basically saying he was right. “But why are you here?”

“I’m just doing her work, so she doesn’t get in trouble.” There was a short pause while Illandra hoped he wouldn’t ask.

“What else?” Race demanded. He was getting much better at catching her.

“Annette has about a half-dozen outfits I’ve been dying to try on this body,” she said, defeated.

“I’m sorry. What?” Race shook his head in disbelief.

“I kind of urged Annette to buy a couple outfits I really liked and wanted to try on,” Illandra’s thought started to come out as fast as she could think them. “I mean, have you seen this butt?” she flipped around and pulled the top of her uniform to show off Annette’s backside. She even bent over a little to help it stick out. “It’s so round and firm,” she poked the round bubble. “Do you know how many squats I would have to do to even get close to this shape?”

“Please stop,” Race said, using his right hand to massage his temples and cover his eyes.

“Go ahead,” Illandra encouraged him, “cop a feel.”

“That’s not how any of this works,” Race tried to correct her.

“It’s fine,” Illandra assured Race, hopping back to give him an opportunity. “She’s been waiting for you to take a little initiative.”

“What?” Race choked on the surprise.

“Oh,” Illandra gasped, dropping the uniform. “I probably shouldn’t have told you that.”

Race put out his other hand to try and signal a stop to the train wreck. After a couple of deep breaths, he peeked through his hand before finally looking at her again with his bluish-grey eyes.

“You know this isn’t all fun and games?” Race cut into her with an ice-cold tone. “Have you ever stopped to think of what happens to you if something happens to Annette out there?”

“What do you mean?” Illandra pouted.

“I mean, what if she dies out there?” Race replied. “Do you know what happens to you then? Are you going to be stuck in this body or swap back to an empty shell? If you’re stuck here, do you keep her skills, or do you have to suddenly become the Republic’s best pilot without the years of experience? How are you going to be a special ops pilot without any of her instincts? Can you even imagine never sleeping in a comfy bed again?”

Every question Race asked made Illandra want to retreat back to her own body. She knew he was right, but she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. Instead, she reached out and grabbed Race’s hand and placed it on her hip. “Don’t be like that,” she whispered, pulling out her best seductive tone. “Come with me. We can have a little drink, I’ll put on a little fashion show. If you liked that blue dress, you'd lose your mind at how sexy she looks in some of the outfits I picked out.”

Race lacked any ability to remove his hand from her hip.

“It will be just the three of us,” she coaxed, “it’ll be fun.”

“Three of us?”

“You, my mind, and Annette’s body,” she explained. “I told you before, we’re joined for life. A relationship with one of us is a relationship with both of us.”

Race scoffed and shook his head before leaving her.

Illandra waited for a minute, tracking  Race with her mind. She could sense him going down the hall. When she was sure he wasn’t going to turn back, she poked her head out the door. “You know, you used to be a lot more fun before your three-year nap,” she yelled out after him.

Race sent back an obscene gesture over his shoulder as he reached the stairs at the end of the hall and scaled them to a different level.

There was a movement from behind her that startled Illandra, she turned to find one of Bella’s bots still guarding the room.

“If there is still an open invitation, I would very much like to attend the fashion event in Race’s place,” the robot said. “I have been experimenting with several styles since gaining a body, and I would welcome your input on them.”

A smile touched Illandra’s face. The AI was like a growing child, wanting so much to be a person. “Sure thing.”

“I will see if I can acquire another holoprojector,” the bot bowed before running off.


Illandra finished up Annette’s shift and was dismissed for the day. She hadn’t expected to have to keep the act up this long, but the week had proven worth it. Annette had finally come up with a possible location for Illandra’s assailants. She had found a nearby building and was now scoping out the place from the rooftop while Illandra rushed to Annette’s room so she could put her body away and join her.

“No offense, but I really hate driving your body,” Annette told her through the mental link they shared.

“Excuse me?” Illandra squawked back. How dare she? After Illandra had just praised Annette’s body to Race the day before.

“I mean, it’s not a bad body,” Annette apologized.  “I can never get used to how short your arms are. I’ve never seen anyone need a customized short stalk for their service rifle before.”

“So, I got little T-rex arms,” Illandra defended. “My arms are directly proportionate to my body, thank you very much. They would drag across the ground if they were your length.” Illandra accompanied her comment with a visual image of Annette walking around like a gorilla.

“Excuse me?” Annette gibed at the thought.

“Calm down,” Illandra laughed. “It’s just a joke.”

“I guess you’re just used to it,” Annette excused the insult. “Anyway, remember to duck when you go down the stairs to the living quarters. The last time we tried this, you hit the ceil, and I had a bump that hurt for a week.”

“Sure,” Illandra replied, doing her best to keep her disbelief from flowing through the link.

Annette took a small break from the conversation to continue monitoring the building. She had spotted three patrols, giving validity to their assumption.

“And what about people’s noses?” Annette asked, finishing another sweep of the area.

“Right!” Illandra excitedly agreed.

“I have seen enough nose hairs and snot to last a lifetime,” Annette further explained.

“It’s like everyone forgot that was a part of personal hygiene,” Illandra added.

“Exactly,” Annette agreed.

Bubbles of laughter flowed through both ends of the mental link.

Illandra was almost to Annette’s room. She jumped off the ladder and turned to slam her forehead into the archway of the door.

“Ouch,” Illandra scowled, grabbing her head.

“You forgot to duck, didn’t you?”

“Sorry.” Illandra carefully ducked through the door and completed the journey to Annette’s room. Once in the room, Illandra grabbed a towel and some ice from the food storage area and laid down on the bed. She placed the ice on the bruise and disconnected her conscious from the body. A second later, her spirit was floating next to Annette, looking down at the building. Even though it was Illandra’s body with Kaylee’s holo-projection, she still saw the red hair and face of her cohort.

Annette took note of Illandra’s presence and continued to look down the scope of the rifle she had borrowed from security. “Is it bad that I already feel the knot?”

“I put some ice on it,” Illandra assured her. “Quit being a baby.”

Annette didn’t respond, but Illandra could feel how upset she was.

“Any of them look familiar?” Annette asked, putting down her rifle.

Illandra had only seen the face of her attacker, she had been too frightened at the time to think of scanning his accomplices. He wasn’t in the memories Annette had gathered of the individuals patrolling the area. “No,” she admitted, “but it all happened so fast, I didn’t get a good look at anyone.”

“Well, we’re definitely on to something,” Annette concluded. “The patrols are too regular to be random, and their weapons don’t say private security.”

“I’ll scan some of the guards, I’ll do some reconnaissance while I’m at it,” Illandra suggested.

“You’re not going to link in Race for his powers?” It was something they had agreed on before.

“He’s in one of his moods, I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring in Mr. Grumpypants,” Illandra said.

Annette grew suspicious. “What did you do?”

“I’ll explain later,” Illandra said, starting to float over the ledge.

“Fine. I’ll start making my way down there,” Annette agreed, packing up her stuff and heading for the door that granted access to the roof. 

Illandra found two sentries posted near the main entrance. Scanning them didn’t reveal anything too relevant. “Hired guns,” Illandra informed Annette. “Not much here, besides the other guards and their patrol assignments.” Illandra sent the memories she extracted to Annette for her to review.

“That’s incredibly helpful,” Annette thanked her, happy to have a map of the place.

“I’m moving inside.” Illandra floated through the wall and found herself inside a giant warehouse being actively maintained by automated machines. Focusing, Illandra was able to detect about twenty additional guards. Illandra only had to scan four of them before she found the info she was looking for, all while keeping the constant feed of data she gathered to Annette.

“I know where she is,” Illandra informed. “I’m going to check if she’s okay.”

“I’m almost in position,” Annette replied. “I’ll scope out some of the other patrol spots you sent me while you finish up.”

Illandra floated up through the ceiling toward the rooms where Kaylee was being held. She found Kaylee tied to a chair, and other than a busted lip, she was unharmed. Kaylee wasn’t wearing her holo-disguise anymore, which meant her captors knew they had taken the wrong woman hostage. Illandra reached out with her mind and tried to tune Kaylee into seeing her.

“Can you hear me?” Illandra asked.

Kaylee jumped in her seat, she scanned the room for the voice she had heard.

Illandra tried strengthening her projection, “I’m here.”

Kaylee focused her eyes on where Illandra was floating. “Illandra! What are you doing here?” Kaylee’s yell was but a whisper. Her eyes looked at Illandra’s feet, hovering just above the floor. “Why are you floating?”

“I’m not here. It’s hard to explain, and we don’t have time,” Illandra told her. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Kaylee whispered. “One of them whacked me after they discovered I wasn’t you. Their employer was pretty adamant about not harming me, though.”

“Who’s their employer?” Illandra asked.

“I don’t know who he is,” Kaylee admitted. “He wasn’t on any of the threat reports. He’s really tall. Took one look at me and knew I was wearing a disguise.”

That didn’t bode well. If he could see through her disguise that easy, there was a possibility he was a pathic like Illandra. It also meant there was a chance he could see Illandra in her current form.

Before Illandra could think to retreat, the door to the room opened behind her.

“She does us no good as a prisoner,” one of the voices said. “Have your men retreat, and I’ll free her. You’ll still be paid for your services.”

“It’s your call, as long as I get my money,” the accompanying man said.

Illandra spun around to find two men entering the room. She was familiar with the scruffy one, he had been the one that attacked them and took Kaylee hostage.

“Holy sea biscuits,” Illandra gasped. While the other individual was tall for a person, he was short for the blue-skinned race of aliens he belonged to.

The alien snapped around on guard to find the source of the mental sound.

“What is it?” Annette asked.

“It’s a Creator,” Illandra told her.

The alien homed in on Illandra, its eyes widened with surprise. The alien turned to his co-captor. “You’ve delivered on your promise,” it said, reaching into a pocket on the inside of his suit and pulling out a small handheld device. “This will lead you to the second half of your payment. Your services are no longer required. Now leave.”

The man grabbed the device and walked back out the door. “Rude much?” he scoffed.

The alien turned back to Illandra and waited for them to be alone. “I had no idea you were a mindful one,” the alien introduced himself. “Had I known, I wouldn’t have had to resort to such extreme methods to meet with you.”

Illandra was surprised how well the alien spoke her language. There was still a projection of thought with the speech, but his accent wasn’t any more foreign to her than the natural citizens of the Euro-Alliance.

“He can see you?” Kaylee asked.

“I suppose there’s no need for the facade,” the alien said. He closed his eyes while he concentrated. With his eyes closed, his entire face looked like one flat, smooth surface, other than the diamond crater nose in the center of his face.

Kaylee suddenly grabbed the arms of the chair she was tied to. “Oh my god, he’s blue!”

“She doesn’t know?” The alien asked, surprised. 

“Only a couple of my people do,” Illandra told him, firmly.

“Allow me to free your friend.” The alien moved to Kaylee and started loosening the restraints that held her. “I apologize, the leader of these mercenaries hit her when I exposed her as an imposter. I assure you, I never meant any harm to come to her, or you. It was proving too difficult to gain an audience with you without exposing our existence.”

Illandra caught the critical word. “Our? There’s more of you?”

“Yes,” the alien said, freeing a hand. He went to move to the other, but Kaylee had already jumped to it, so he stepped back to allow her space. “Our numbers are small, but we did survive the plague.”

Illandra was starting to put it together. “The Cenari,” Illandra realized. “You wanted to know if the Cenari that was taking over the Consortium was the same that almost destroyed your people.”

“You have much insight,” the blue alien frowned, the lips but a crack on its flat face. “It can only be as we feared. Our sins have followed us to this time.”

“How dare you,” Illandra spat. “You cowered while we fought your battle. A whole galactic empire almost fell because you were too scared to help us. Hundreds of thousands of people were sacrificed and perverted by your creations, and instead of stepping forth and helping us fix your mistake, you just let it spread?”

The alien crawled in its own blue skin, suddenly realizing the stature of the young woman. “My people are broken,” the alien cowered. “We wouldn’t have been of any use to you.”

“The knowledge of what we were fighting alone would have been invaluable,” Illandra scolded.

The alien simply hung its head in shame, tentacles covering its face like locks of hair. It had no answer to give.

“The last of the hired guns have left,” Annette informed Illandra.

Illandra closed her eyes and did a quick scan of the area to verify Annette’s observation. “We’re leaving, Kaylee,” Illandra told her assistant.

“Good,” the blond said, already heading toward the door.

Illandra escorted Kaylee through the complex, continuously scanning for any other presences. They were alone in the automated warehouse. They reached the door where Annette awaited them, rifle pointed out the door as she scanned for threats. Kaylee raised an eyebrow at Illandra’s mind and body being in two places at once but didn’t ask any questions. Instead, she rushed toward her freedom.

Illandra drew a sigh of relief. It felt good to have her friend back safely. There wasn’t much she could do now, just wait for Annette to get to a place where they could safely return each other’s body. Illandra was about to zip back to Annette’s body when something grabbed her arm and spun her around.

She found herself face to face with the blue alien, its grip tightened around Illandra’s ghostly arm. “Please. I must know. How did you defeat the Cenari?”

Illandra was too shocked that the Creator was able to grab her in her astral form. “Leave her alone!” Annette answered for her, accompanying her yell with a ball of fire she created with her newfound psychic abilities. 

The alien let loose of Illandra as it rushed to defend itself. He stretched out a large blue hand at the approaching flame. His black eyes glossed over into a ruby red as his hand glowed a matching aura. The flames collided with the alien’s palm, but instead of melting him like it had done so many Cenari, it clashed with the alien’s red aura as it fought to dominate the fire. The alien struggled for control. After an endless conflict, the alien deflected the blaze to the back of the warehouse, where the flames erupted. The environmental protection system sprung to life, trying to douse the fires before the warehouse was lost.

The four people looked at each other, each one shocked by what they had seen. “You’re bonded with one of fire?” The alien asked. A more critical thought jumped to his head. “Do you know the one with the future site?”

“Yes. We walk with the Run’hura,” Illandra told him. “He’s the one that destroyed the Cenari.”

“No,” the alien said in awe. “You are the Run’hura.”

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